Los Angeles Zoo

Los Angeles Zoo

Los Angeles Zoo
Los Angeles Zoo

The first zoo in Los Angeles opened in 1912. There were few animals then, and money too, so the few wolves, lions and bears lived in cramped cages and were poorly fed. As a result, in the 60s. it was decided to close the old zoo and build a new one in its place - more spacious and well-maintained. Today, the Los Angeles Zoo occupies an impressive portion of Griffith Park.

The territory of 54 hectares is home to more than a thousand different animals, including rare ones.

What to See

Particularly popular are the Gorilla Sanctuary, the Red Monkey Forest and the Elephants of Asia zone. An entire jungle with waterfalls and a garden that imitates their natural habitat was built here for the gorillas, and the elephants have a huge territory where they can freely walk and swim. In addition, there is a botanical garden with exotic plants scattered throughout the zoo. Ficus trees, Chilean wine palms, roses, sage and currant bushes grow here. The most unusual pavilion contains rare plants confiscated during an attempt at illegal import. For children, there is the Muriel Ranch, where you can play with pygmy goats and other farm animals.

Every day, except Tuesday, at 11:30 and 15:30 the zoo hosts the World of Birds show, where you can see rare and even endangered species.

It is better to come to the zoo in the morning, when the animals have just woken up, are not yet tired of visitors and are not hiding. And at this time you can watch how they are fed. You can move around the park on foot or on the safari tram, which runs throughout the entire territory. In total, he has 6 stops at different parts of the zoo, a full-day ticket for an adult costs 4 USD, for a child - 2 USD, the number of trips is unlimited.

There are several cafes on the territory of the zoo, but the prices there are quite high (a bottle of water costs about 4 USD), so it is better to take a snack with you.

Practical Information

Address: Los Angeles, 5333 S. Zoo Drive, CA 90027.

How to get there:

By bus number 96 to the Zoo/Western Heritage stop; There is free parking for 90 cars.

Opening hours:

Daily from 10:00 to 17:00, closed on December 25. Admission: adults - 21 USD, pensioners - 18 USD, children from 2 to 12 years old - 16 USD, children under 2 years old - free.

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