Olvera Street - Los Angeles

Olvera Street - Los Angeles

Olvera Street - Los Angeles
Olvera Street - Los Angeles

Beautiful Olvera Street is the very place where the village was established in 1781, whose full Spanish name deciphers as "Village of the Virgin Mary, Queen of Angels, on the Porsjuncula Stream. Over time, the geographical clarification was thrown out of the cumbersome name, and a little later it was completely turned into the “village of angels” - El Pueblo de Los Angeles, which today has become the laconic “El Hey” - LA.

How to Get There

Olvera Street is located in the historical center (Downtown area) of Los Angeles, the nearest attraction is Union Station.

On Olvera Street, Mexican food is prepared just as well as in Mexico.

What to Buy

Along the street there are many shops where you can buy both trifle souvenirs and real works of folk crafts - high-quality leather and woven products, clothing, hats, art glass and accessories. The music stores deserve special attention - they sell a huge amount of Mexican music, and some CDs were recorded by the inhabitants of the street themselves.

What to See

True Latin American fun always reigns on Olvera Street: colorful Mexican mansions are crowded on both sides of the street, mariachi musicians are located right on the sidewalk, and street stalls sell fruit and typical souvenirs - sombrero hats, colorful capes and rugs, Spanish guitars. You should definitely go to one of the Mexican restaurants, of which there are many here - the dishes of national cuisine here are prepared no worse than in Mexico.


Noisy carnivals are another feature of Olvera Street. On the Saturday before Easter, the traditional Latin American blessing of animals is held here - not only the usual domestic ones, but also exotic ones. At the end of October - beginning of November, the eerie Day of the Dead is celebrated here, on November 20 - the Day of the Mexican Revolution is cheerfully celebrated, and the week before Christmas is occupied by Las Posadas - costume processions symbolizing the journey of Mary and Joseph to Bethlehem. Well, if you are lucky enough to be on Olvera Street in June, you will be surrounded by the colors of the Las Flores Fiesta.

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