Hollywood in Los Angeles

Hollywood in Los Angeles

Hollywood guide: how to get there and where to stay, what to see and where to go in the evening. The most interesting things in Hollywood: the latest reviews and photos, places to see, signature entertainment and shopping and Stores
Hollywood in Los Angeles 

In the Hollywood area of Los Angeles, there is a record number of movie and show business stars per square meter. After all, this is where the epicenter of the world film industry is located. Life is in full swing in this part of the City of Angels around the clock; here you can hear speech in many languages ​​of the world. What attracts tourists to Hollywood? Of course, an opportunity to touch the secrets of filmmaking, and in the literal sense, because personalized stars on the asphalt of Hollywood Boulevard are laid in the presence of idols. It is here, in the famous Kodak Concert Hall, that the most significant ceremonies, presentations of musical new releases from the starry Olympus take place, and film premieres take place in Grauman's Chinese Theater.

How to get there

You can fly from Moscow to Los Angeles by direct flight (Aeroflot), the flight duration is 13 hours. There are also flights with transfers in Europe or Asia.

If you choose to travel independently, upon arriving at Los Angeles airport, be on your guard: you will immediately be attacked by many loud-mouthed African-Americans and Mexicans, eager for your, as yet unspent, savings. Your task is to resist, get to the nearest stop (they are located right next to the airport) and take a shuttle (a small minibus, usually blue), which is heading in the direction you need, and arrive safely at the hotel porch. A shuttle ride costs 21-27 USD per person. You can get there by taxi, but it will cost twice as much - 70-80 USD.


To move around the city, you can use ground transport: Los Angeles has an extensive network of bus routes (ticket price 2 USD ), and minibuses also run regularly (from 2 USD ). Another option is the metro; by the way, there is no checkpoint system at the entrance that Russians are accustomed to.

The cost of 1 trip is 1.75 USD , and to transfer to another line you will have to purchase a new ticket, so it is better to take a day pass worth 7 USD , with which you can travel on the metro an unlimited number of times within 24 hours.

The Avenue of Stars is located at West Hollywood Station, where you will find yourself in the heart of the Sunset Strip, a bustling 2.5 km long boulevard where you can meet the most unexpected and comic characters.

Another option is taxis, which can be identified by their specific yellow color and checkered patterns on the roofs. Most often, taxis operate on a meter; you can catch a car anywhere in the city.

Cuisine and restaurants

Where can I eat? Everywhere. After you've had your fill, you'll probably want to try some real American food. All kinds of restaurants, pubs, snack bars, sandwich shops, and fast foods will come to your aid. True, most often an American dinner is a huge plate of French fries, a hefty hamburger, a pile of fried onion rings, generously sprinkled with ketchup and mayonnaise. Drinks include Coca-Cola, iced coffee or milkshake.

You will be offered a synthesis of American and Mexican cuisine at the Artichoke's Heart restaurant (West Hollywood area) - the tequila flows like a river here, the service is at the level, and the food is fresh, satisfying and appetizing. If classic American food is too heavy for you, you can choose a restaurant serving Chinese, Japanese, Mexican, Indian or even Russian cuisine. Stop by Miceli's Pizzeria on the corner of Sunset Boulevard and Las Palmas Avenue, the oldest Italian restaurant in Hollywood.

In general, the most expensive cuisine here is European, a good beef steak will cost from 50 USD , the most budget lunch is at an eatery with Chinese noodles and chicken curry (from 5-7 USD ). And if you plan to try alcohol, take a document proving that you are an adult.

Drinking alcoholic beverages and smoking in unauthorized places is strict here, and the waiter will under no circumstances bring you a drink if you look younger than 21 years old.

Shopping and stores

In numerous shops and malls in Hollywood you can find both little-known American companies and global brands. At the intersection of Hollywood Boulevard and Highland, you'll find the Hollywood & Highland Center, a hotel and shopping center that stays open late into the night. Also, with the onset of darkness, boutiques with shocking, theatrical costumes, accessories, movie antiques and other curious things begin to actively work.

You can easily become a participant in the next blockbuster, since various film shoots are constantly taking place on the streets of Los Angeles, so smile more often, maybe you’ll get lucky!

Entertainment and attractions in Hollywood

Firstly, this is the Walk of Stars, which already has about 2,500 stars, not counting the hand and foot prints of celebrities. Don't miss the Guinness World Records Museum, where the most amazing facts and exhibits in the world are presented. The characters of the Hollywood Wax Museum will amaze you with their believability, where copies of all popular actors and musical performers of several generations are collected. The entrance ticket will cost 20 USD , but if you buy an “all-terrain vehicle” that gives you the right to visit three museums at once (Hollywood Wax Museum + Guinness World Records Museum + Ripley's Believe It or Not), you will pay only 29.99 USD . The museums are open from 12:00 to 0:00 and are located in the center of Hollywood Boulevard, so it is difficult to miss.

Secondly, check out the TCL Chinese Theater, which is located across from the legendary Kodak Theater. There are many exhibits from China on display here - this is a real symbol of Chinese culture in Hollywood. On one of the platforms in front of the theater there are prints of the feet and hands of Marilyn Monroe, Judy Garland, Jack Nicholson and other celestials. The cost of visiting the theater is from 18 to 100 USD , it all depends on the significance of the event that you want to witness.

Nightlife will be revealed in all its diversity in the bars and clubs on Sunset Boulevard, where establishments are open until the last customer. For example, the Palms club is very popular among stars, who can often be found here at the bar.

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