Hollywood Sign in Los Angeles

Hollywood Sign in Los Angeles

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Hollywood Sign in Los Angeles

White letters forming the word HOLLYWOOD, surrounded by the lush green slopes of Mount Leigh - without exaggeration, the most recognizable "population" sign on the planet and also the only one with its own website. A symbol of the Dream Factory, Los Angeles, California and, often, all of the United States, the inscription “Hollywood” first appeared in 1923 - and over the past almost century it has repeatedly become an object of ridicule, a reason for funny scandals and a cinematic landscape.

A Little History

The history of the most famous sign began in 1923. At that time, no one could even imagine the Dream Factory; the outskirts of Los Angeles were uninhabited hectares of land with a complete absence of any amenities. With the beginning of the construction boom, demand for land arose, and then enterprising agents began offering plots for sale outside the city. The inscription “Hollywoodland” was created to attract the attention of buyers to the suburban lots of land. The sign was supposed to stand for only a year and a half, but then the star of the Hollywood film factory rose on the horizon of world cinema, and they decided to leave the inscription, omitting the ending “-land”.

Over time, the sign deteriorated, which did not go unnoticed by Hollywood stars. In 1978, nine representatives of American show business divided the cost of restoring the inscription, letter by letter. The new letters were made of super-strong (and expensive) Australian steel - and the old ones were sold at auction for a round sum of 450 thousand USD.

Where to Look

The Hollywood sign should be visible from anyplace in Los Angeles. For amazing photographs, as well as to partake in the perspective on the engraving from a remote place, it's a good idea to come to the perception deck of Griffith Park , found precisely inverse Mount Lee.

Important point: climbing Mount Lea to the sign is prohibited by law. The inscription itself is under 24-hour digital security and monitored by park rangers.

Another popular location for photo ops in front of the sign is the intersection of Hollywood Boulevard and North Highland Avenue, near the Kodak Theater, where the Hollywood & Highland Center is located. You can get here by car or on the red metro line.

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