TCL Chinese Theatre (Grauman's Chinese Theater) in Los Angeles

Grauman's Chinese Theater

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TCL Chinese Theatre (Grauman's Chinese Theater) in Los Angeles

Hollywood's most stunningly beautiful building , Grauman's Chinese Theater is a tribute to the sophisticated architectural style of the Middle Kingdom and a tribute to the significant Chinese diaspora, without which Los Angeles has been impossible to imagine for the past 75 years. The opening of the theater took place in 1927 and caused a real sensation - thousands of fans fought for the right to see cinema stars on the red carpet.

A Little History

The history of the Hollywood Chinese Theater began in 1927. Fruitful producer Sid Grauman, who had proactively fabricated a few structures at that point - the Million Dollar Theater in midtown Los Angeles and the Egyptian Performance center in Hollywood, chose to make his blessing from heaven - to make a Chinese structure of fantastic excellence, expected for film debuts. Architect Raymond Kennedy developed a plan, the Los Angeles City Hall took a long-term lease on a plot of land, invested 2 million USD - and 18 months later, Grauman's Chinese Theater shone at the grand opening. Today it remains the site of all the high-profile Hollywood film premieres, and the Walk of Fame in front of the theater is decorated with hand and foot prints of celebrities. More than 4 million people visit Grauman's Chinese Theater each year.

What to See

The Grauman's Chinese Theater complex consists of the theater itself and a courtyard in front of the building. The courtyard is surrounded by curved walls 12 meters high, topped with turrets with copper domes, and in its inner part you can see 3-meter fountains in the form of lotus flowers. Don't forget to watch your step - you will be walking on the hand and foot prints of movie stars.

To head straight to the footprints of your favorite actor, it is recommended to take a “footprint” map when entering the courtyard.

The height of the theater building is 27 meters; the entrance is marked by two coral-red columns with capitals in the shape of masks supporting a bronze roof canopy. Above the portico, you should pay attention to the 9-meter-long Chinese dragon skillfully carved from stone. The entrance to the theater is guarded by two giant “dogs of paradise” brought from China. The theater's opulent interiors, especially the auditorium, meticulously reproduce the style of Imperial China - pay particular attention to the fantastic painted ceiling, relief columns and stage mirror.

The easiest way to explore the interiors of the Chinese Theater is on a group tour, which runs every 15 minutes to half an hour, seven days a week from 10 a.m. to 9:30 p.m. The cost of the excursion is 15 USD.

Grauman's Chinese Theater is a functioning cinema; it hosts not only film premieres, but also regular film screenings. Since September 20, 2013, the latest IMAX 4D system has been in operation.

Address: 6801 Hollywood Blvd, Los Angeles

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